This is a list of all the pointless gadgets Matt has. Don't forget you can use Control/Command F to search.

Explode-when-lit-on-fire BearEdit

Teddy go boom
This is a teddy bear that, obviously blows up when it is lit on fire. As seen on Page 39 that explosion can be quite nasty.

Control a CatEdit

While this would be most useful regularly, Matt does not have a cat. Therefore, it is a pointless gadget.

Control a cat

PSPPS3 ControlerEdit

This little gadget can control a PSP. It was a gift from one of Matt's friends a few years ago. While it is somewhat handy, it is also very pointless seeing that the PSP is cardboard.

PSP3 Controller

Egg SlicerEdit

This thing slices hardboiled eggs into perfect slices for you to eat. No one eats eggs sliced.

Egg Slicer

Explosion SensorEdit

This will send a jolt of electricity when an explosion is nearby. This is one of Matt's less pointless gadgets.

Weird Head ThingEdit

You have no idea what this is.
Weird Head Thing

Pull PlugEdit

No more struggling to pull a plug out of a socket! Now all you need to do is pull on this string that pulls the plug out of the socket. 

Pull Plug

Glow-in-the-Dark SunglassesEdit

These glasses make it posible to see with your sunglasses on in dark places. Unfortunately, that means the darkness between the glasses and your eyes.

Jackpot RobotEdit

Jackpot Robot
You put your money in, then you have to win it back! There is no way to get the money back unless you insert more to try to win it.

Solar Powered FlashlightEdit

Lights up the dark, but only when there's light. 

Solar Powered Flashlight

Knife DullerEdit

Knives too sharp? Want to be less deadly and powerful?  Then buy your knife duller today!

Knife Duller

Lifelike Velociraptor With Real Disembowleing ActionEdit

This toy is so dangerous that it was removed from the pointless gadget store five seconds after it was put there. Luckily, that made it a collectors item and Matt ALWAYS hangs out at the pointless gadget store.


Blood and Gore DollEdit

Packed with real bloody organs, this doll is really, REALLY, gross. Try not to make it explode, as seen on Page 43

Watermelon CartEdit

Regular shopping carts are boring. Check out this, which effectively carries and cools one watermelon! 

Watermelon cart

Pointless ButtonEdit

Stolen straight from the mystical realms of ASDF by one of Matt's friends, this button does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Pointless Button